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Sophie Anderton : I sold sex for £15,000 an hour

Published by admin on September 27, 2009

SUPERMODEL Sophie Anderton sensationally told all last night about her shame as a £15,000-an-hour hooker.

Sophie, 32 – caught by The Sun last week taking cocaine – told how she bedded a string of megarich businessmen to pay soaring drug debts.

Famous body … Sophie in a Gossard underwear advert

And she claimed the British TV and fashion industry is “awash” with girls who have fallen into vice – including two household name models.

Recalling the first time she had sex for money, she said: “It was all over in two minutes.

I lay there thinking, ‘Is that it? For £15k, is that it?’” The former I’m A Celebrity star, who made her name modelling Gossard underwear, has never before fully discussed her time working as a hooker.

But yesterday she told The Sun: “This is the truth, warts and all. For a short while I sold my body for a lot of money. I am not proud of it.

“In the summer of 2004 I was drinking a bottle of vodka a night and using cocaine by day.

“The coke ran out, my cash card was rejected and my dealer was ringing up demanding payments. I knew I desperately needed money – now.” Sophie had been introduced to a high-class call girl.

She said: “For ages I sat holding the number of the madam, then I called her.

“She seemed pleased to hear from me. She told me to dress elegantly but in a sexy way underneath. I always had to be fresh-faced.

“My heart was banging as she priced me at £10,000 to £15,000 an hour.”

Broke Sophie spent her last money on sexy crotchless pants, 6in heels and smart suits to tempt wealthy clients.

She went on: “I felt a bit sick before my first time. But I told myself to get a grip.

“I got a taxi to a hotel in Knightsbridge, West London. I was shaking and sweating.

“I was dressed in a black Dolce and Gabbana suit, with 6in Louboutin heels. I looked respectable, successful, normal.

“I went to this man’s room. I had told the madam I didn’t want to be with some horrible fat, old man. So when he opened the door I was relieved.

“He was a smart Arab, midthirties and quite handsome. We shook hands. He seemed so lonely my nerves vanished and I felt sorry for this man.

“After about 40 minutes of talking, I decided to take charge and stood up and took my dress off. I pushed him back on the bed while he looked at me eagerly. I closed my eyes and quickly pulled down his underwear. I felt in control. It was over very quickly. He handed me the cash and I slipped out.”

Gorgeous Sophie’s madam was delighted with her.

She explained: “I was big bucks to her. And I actually giggled when she asked if I fancied a trip to Florence. I thought, ‘Italy doesn’t sound too bad’. Suddenly I was on a plane, first class. I was taken to a beautiful hotel, where a porter showed me to my room.

“It was filled with chocolates, champagne, flowers. Laid out on the bed was expensive underwear with a note that read, ‘Please put these on’.”

Sophie was stunned to find that her second client was a British businessman she knew.

She said: “I blinked away tears. He said, ‘Sophie, why is a nice girl like you doing something like this?’ “I couldn’t answer. But the sex was amazing and the following morning I woke up and found a Christian Dior bag filled with £50 notes.

“I’d sold my body again and this was what it was worth.”

Sophie was then booked by a millionaire Italian property developer in Rome and an Eastern European billionaire. But she was physically repulsed by an overweight businessman who paid £20,000 to sleep with her in London.

She went on: “He was obese and leering. I felt sick. His face was sweaty and cheerful, like a cat who’d got the cream. For the first time, I felt like a piece of meat.

“He stripped, revealing a huge stomach. It was over in a minute. I left trembling and crying.” This incident left Sophie so shaken she knew she could not continue.

She said: “I had slept with five men and made more than £50,000, which paid my drug debts and a deposit on a flat. Now I could escape.”

Sophie, who is on BBC1 game show Hole In The Wall tonight, believes modelling helped push her towards prostitution.

She said: “As a model, your body comes to feel like a commodity. I started to think being paid for sex wouldn’t be much different.

“I’m not alone in going down this path. There is a dark side to the modelling world. At least two supermodels are on the game.”

Sophie also spoke frankly of personal demons that helped lead her to prostitution. She said: “I was born an addict. I had my first cannabis spliff at nine. Later I was out clubbing and drinking.”

Sophie lost her virginity at 14 and became promiscuous. She won a modelling competition at 15 and moved to London at 17.

She recalled: “Drugs were everywhere. I was popping pills nightly. Weeks after arriving in London two men raped me.”

She claimed a boyfriend introduced her to kinky sex while a teen model. Sophie said: “Naomi Campbell warned me he was trouble. But I was in love. He called me ‘Sophie Trophy’. He threw weekly sex parties for around ten people. It was sordid. I had threesomes and did things I’m ashamed of.

“I fell pregnant but feared I’d damaged the baby through drug use, so I aborted. I found out I’d been expecting a girl.

“I was out of control. I blew a fortune – £10,000 on shopping trips. I must have spent at least £200,000 on cocaine.”

Sophie, who lives in Chelsea, West London, went on: “In 2007 I plunged to my deepest low and went back to prostitution.

“I was caught by a newspaper and it probably saved my life. I cleaned up my act over drugs.

“I’ve relapsed about nine times. Last week when The Sun caught me was one of them.” She checked into a psychiatric unit in July after a messy break-up from her property developer boyfriend Ed Buxton.

Sophie, who also once dated soccer star Mark Bosnich, said: “It’s a long, hard road to recovery.

But I finally want to put the past behind me.

“Fashion is still my big love and I’m planning a new lingerie range for the High Street.

“I’ve a new boyfriend I adore and hope to have a family. I’ll do everything to stay off cocaine. I know the dark road it can lead you down.”

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